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The Muslim/Jew Social Experiment in New York That's Got Everyone Talking
Image courtesy: FB/KarimFanPage

The Muslim/Jew Social Experiment in New York That’s Got Everyone Talking

Karim Metwaly is a Muslim film director who lives in New York. He decided to do a very controversial, if slightly risky, social experiment using video as medium to capture and tell a story. In less than 48 hours of its release, the video has already gone viral.

He wanted to see how the public would react to the sight of a Jewish man holding hands with a Muslim woman, and a Jewish woman holding hands with a Muslim man—in separate instances of recordings—while walking down the streets of New York.  He also wanted to see the reaction from both sides as opposed to just one, so he recorded it from a Muslim/Arab neighborhood as well as from a Jewish neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn.

The video is just five minutes long, but it tells a very compelling story and gives from both sides an incredible insight into how people are quick to stereotype, to love, to hate and to seek peace. It basically shows that everyone in this world come down to just two groups of people: good and bad.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Apr 30, 2016, and it already has amassed more than 150K views.

Videos like these are very controversial in nature, because on one hand they’re meant to promote thinking outside of the box in order to facilitate conscious growth… and on the other hand, they stir a lot of drama—which is already evident on the video itself as well as on Karim’s Faceook page.

Here is the video. Let us know what you think.

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