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Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Every Day is Valentine's Day

When you truly are in love with someone, every day is Valentine’s Day. Every hour, every minute, every second, because you know that love is the ultimate thing in life, so you seize every moment you can to cherish that person’s presence in your life. You really don’t need commercial …

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5 Famous Misattributed Quotes

#1 Some people feel the rain; others just get wet. — Roger Miller Wrongly attributed to the late singer Bob Marley.   This quote is actually said by another singer—the popular country singer Roger Miller, who is known for his songs “Dang me” and “King of the Road”.  In 1972, …

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NASA Confirms Liquid Water Exists on Mars

BREAKING: NASA scientists have finally confirmed today that they believe water flows on the surface of the Martian planet. “What we’re going to announce today is that Mars is not the dry-air planet that we thought of in the past,” said Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters. …

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