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Op-ed: 7 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election


This is by no means a complete list. There is a lot more I could touch on, but I will not go into them because a) this article isn’t meant as an inflammatory political post but rather an informative one, and b) despite that I would prefer Bernie over Hillary on any day, I certainly do not hate her on a personal level, nor do I buy into ‘most’ of the negative hype surrounding her. And also since I do not truly know much about anything when it comes to certain controversial and sensitive matters about classified information that MSM (from both political wings) use as propaganda to hurl dirt at each other, it’s why I would rather leave stuff like Benghazi out.

All I know is that the DNC’s worst enemy has been the DNC.

And as long as we don’t start acknowledging our own shortcomings and stand up against the establishment and the corruption that’s plaguing us all, which we perpetually choose to be willfully ignorant of due to pride and ego and bipartisan squabbling, nothing will change. Nothing. Time and again, we’ll all keep getting screwed.

As for my own personal standing on the end result, I really don’t have much to say. I’m both happy and sad that Hillary lost, and I’m both happy and sad that Trump won. It won’t make sense until I outline a few things, so here goes:

I really don’t want to see discrimination and racism start spreading across the US like wildfire; I don’t want Muslims to start being called “terrorists” every day now; I don’t want Latinos to start being harassed everywhere as “Rapists and drug dealers”; I don’t want women to start being called “Sluts” and “fat pigs”; I don’t want LGBTQ people to start suffering and have their rights taken away just because of their sexual orientation. I don’t want the world to start thinking the US is a country full of misogynists, illiterates, racists and white-supremacists who have no tolerance for other races, cultures and beliefs. I don’t want many things to happen, so I’m very, very sad that Trump won. I am. I’m devastated.

On the other hand, I truly don’t want any more wars; I don’t want American soldiers to die abroad over lost causes anymore; I don’t want civilians of other countries to be bombed under the name of ‘democracy’ anymore; I don’t want to support rebels and armed groups just because this is what a certain rich kingdom wants which I’m compelled to do because of the billions of dollars they’ve poured into my system; I don’t want corporate influence over Washington anymore. I don’t want Veterans to keep committing suicide because they feel their government does not care about them. I don’t want all that and many more to ever happen again, so that’s why I’m very relieved that Trump won.

My emotions are totally torn apart. It’s like this election has made a schizophrenic out of me. I can’t tell exactly which side of the bed I’d really like to sleep on.  So that’s my personal stance for you in a nutshell.