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Op-ed: 7 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election

#6 The transcripts

If you’re a good writer or speaker or actor or singer, I believe it is okay if you’re paid 10 million dollars per speech or song or act. I don’t want to know who paid you or why. I don’t care. Not my monkey, not my circus. But if you’re running for the presidency of the US, then I would like to know who paid you even just $10,000 per speech. Why? Because you’re going to be commander-in-chief of the most powerful country on Earth, and I’d like to be able to go to bed at night safe in the knowledge that there won’t be people asking you later to blow up a whole nation as favor for the money they gave you, or asking you to pass a legislative bill that would jeopardize the health of millions of people just because some company decided to try a new drug.

The problem with Hillary’s refusal of releasing her transcripts is that it reaffirmed in the minds of many skeptics that she’s pro-Wall Street, and that she will do anything for money, and that she has so much to hide. Whether there’s any actual grain of truth to any of that, I don’t know. But what I do know is this:

Trying to justify one wrong with another wrong does not make a right.

Saying “I will release my transcripts when Trump releases his tax returns” is a spit at our intelligence as thinking animals. It’s like when you speak with some extreme right-wing nutcase and he tries to justify George W. Bush’s atrocities in Iraq with “But Obama also did this or that in Libya or Afghanistan” as if that justifies the argument or question. (Not to sound biased towards Republicans, it goes the other way around, too. Like when someone asks about why Obama did this or that in Libya, some extreme Left-nut replies with “But Bush did this and that in Iraq” as if that justifies the argument.)

Kids do this all the time. They answer a question with another question, or something totally unrelated to what’s being asked. And that’s why we do not let them get married at the age of 9. Or let them drive a car. Or allow them to go to hospitals alone. Get it?

In other words: if the majority of fruitcakes from the far-Right are okay with Trump using the I-justify-one-wrong-with-another-wrong rhetoric, wellwe know better, don’t we? After all, what do you expect from people with almost the same mindset as those who voted for someone like Ted Cruz who claimed that “God” asked him to run, yet they never ever questioned how come he lost, since that would basically make God a practical joker. But you don’t question them, nor should you. You just smile at whatever ‘justification’ they give. Why? Because brain-dead zombies are smiled at and nodded to in the same manner in which you smile at and nod to kids when they talk to you about Spiderman: slowly, calmly, and with a mixture of uh-huh-gotcha sympathy and adoration of how cute they are being so naive, while you patiently wait for their underdeveloped brains to grow a bit more. So it’s okay for Trump not to release his tax returns and “justify” why he won’t do so. It’s okay. It’s perfectly fine. He’s not speaking to moi. Not my monkey, not my circus. Comprende vous?

But Hillary, on the other hand, is “supposedly” speaking to her OWN peoplethe “thinkers” of America, right? The “smart folks.” So by playing the ‘this wrong justifies that wrong’ game, she’d be mocking their intelligence.  Telling college-educated millennials, “I’ll release my transcripts when Trump releases his tax returns,” is tantamount to asking them for help and spitting in their face simultaneously.

Generally-speaking, a lot of Republicans don’t mind when Trump speaks to them that way, but a lot of Democrats do when Hillary does.

And THAT is what Hillary failed to realize: that speaking to her own supporters in the same manner in which Trump speaks to his yield totally two different results.

“I’ll release my speech transcripts when Trump releases his tax returns.” Really? Well, thanks for making me feel like I’m just another sheep in attendance when all I want to do is give you my support if only you could be honest with me.

If you still don’t get the point, here it is again: when Hillary says “I’ll release my speech transcripts when Trump releases his tax returns”, she’s indirectly mocking the intelligence of the very same people who are trying to support her. Supposedly, “we” are not Trump’s supporters, so why should we be “tied” to “them”? Why not just release the transcripts and gain the confidence and votes of all those from your camp who doubt youthat is, if you truly have nothing to hide?