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Op-ed: 7 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election

#4 Bringing up the ‘no fly zone’ talking-point during the last debate

The last thing Americans in general and the entire world want right now is another war, especially in the Middle East. People are simply sick and fed up of wars. The world’s economy is barely hanging by a thread, and it is not in any country’s interest at the present moment to spark any kind of war, let alone a World War III, therefore anything that would give people a chance to shy away from the idea is something everyone will dearly cling to.

Now I understand that during presidential debates certain points need to be made to define a “political stance”, but, in my opinion, the moment Hillary used the ‘no fly zone’ in her response during the last debate when asked about how she would handle the Syria crisis, she indirectly alluded to the possibility of conflict with Russia over Syria, and that conjured up gruesome images of World War III in the minds of many people. She should have kept the details to herself and her team. She should have opted for a more diplomatic language. Something in the lines of “I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes, depending on the Russians’ willingness to cooperate, I guess” without elaborating on details. The “no fly zone” remark was a mistake which many people, including Right-Wing political pundits, strategically capitalized upon to paint her as someone catastrophic to be in the White House. This was evident during a flurry of “Armageddon” posts that swept Social Media a while back in regards to the possibility of WWIII which freaked out a lot of people, and this happened right around the time she made the ‘no fly zone’ comments. “Fear-mongering”, you see, was one of the tactics used by the Trump camp to sway people his way, and her “no fly zone” played right into their hands.

And, to be honest, people are sick of wars and bringing “American democracy” to other countries. We all know how that went with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. The amount of innocent blood that has been spilled and lives lost (whether American troops or foreign civilians), thanks to “American democracy” is not something anyone easily forgets anymore, so the “no fly zone” remark was a raw nerve which was hit as soon as headlines started capitalizing on it.