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Op-ed: 7 reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election

#2 Donna Brazile

I cannot talk enough about this one. If I had to pick just one “straw that broke the camel’s back” in this entire article, it would be this talking-point.

A month ago, I was “sure” Hillary would win. As stated above in point #1, I had already rallied behind Hillary and was supporting her, despite that I had been rooting for Bernie and was mad at the DNC. I even sent out a post on my page in July asking fans to put aside ego and pride and support her, too. But the day news of Donna Brazile’s handing out debate questions leaked out was the day I was no longer so sure Hillary would win.

Before I elaborate on the Donna Brazile’s point, you need to watch this short video below so you get what I want to say:

Now let me try to make my point using an analogy:

You’re married, and then you find out your spouse has cheated. Would you forgive them? You might. I might. Right? We sometimes forgive and believe in good things again in the name of unity, love, promises, etc. But if, after you’ve forgiven them, you learn that they have cheated a second time, would you forgive them again? Chances are you most likely won’t.

Why? Human nature. You can only be screwed so much over before you decide “enough is enough.” Just psychology 101. Would the idiom “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” better illustrate the point?

So as someone who supported Bernie, I found myself furious all over again when the Donna Brazile leak surfaced. Except this time I was confused about the source of my anger since Bernie was already out of the race. I tried to understand why I was being angry, then I realized it was about the immense provocation of my own intelligence as a thinking animal. I wasn’t pissed off learning about the Donna Brazile’s leak as much as I was pissed off by the answers she gave and the ridiculing of my own intelligence. Seriously? Who do these people take us for? Idiots, maybe? How could anyone with a sane mind listen to what she said and not be enraged? Suddenly it ignited in me a fresh round of anger towards the DNC.

Her dodging of the questions, her asinine and totally unrelated replies to the legitimacy of the emails, the lack of apology or clarification or even addressing this issue (yet again) by the Hillary camp and the DNC was what pushed me to conclude that they’re either extremely dumb or extremely arrogant, or perhaps both.

So that day, I went to pages that broke out this story just to observe and read what other people had to say. I spent about 8 hours just reading. Just observing. I wanted to see who else felt ridiculed, how many of them there was, and what they’ve decided to do about it. If anything, merely out of curiosity. And I can tell you with all sincerity that from what I gathered to be the general consensus among the majority of Bernie’s fans who commented on the story of Donna Brazile that day, it was when I realized for the first time that Hillary could very well lose on Election Day. Right there and then, I learned that these people have made up their minds that both Hillary and the DNC are undeserving of their votes, because they felt that the DNC considers them to be unworthy of an apology, have underestimated them, spat at them, stepped on them and continues to do so.  The Donna Brazile leak was like the proverbial wound that burst open again just as it was about to heal. She reminded people of Debbie Wasserman Schultz again, and that in itself triggered a fresh round of anger towards the establishment. It was such a strong psychological turning point for many of the undecided Independent/Progressive voters whom were still trying to make up their minds if they should forgive the first DNC clusterfuck when the second clusterfuck struck that they just decided to turn around, walk away and never look back. Why? Again, human psychology. You can only be screwed so much before you realize enough is enough.

If you think I’m feeding you bullshit, you need to go check out the differences between votes for Hillary and Trump in some of the key states. Florida, for example, was a mere difference of 128,818 votes.