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Image Courtesy Melanie Flitton Folwell

Mom-of-Three Strips Down to Underwear in Public to Promote Self-Acceptance

Her name is Amy Pence-Brown. And her message is clear: she wants you to accept yourself and have a stand for self-love no matter what you look like. Low self-esteem simply should not — must not — have a place in your life. “We can’t truly love one another until we fully love ourselves.”

The 39-year-old mother of three reigned supreme on the Internet Highway this week when she posted a video depicting her down to nothing but black bikini in public—in a very busy marketplace—as a very daring social experiment. The video went viral.

It all started when Amy found inspiration in a similar experiment conducted by a girl who was a recovering eating disorder sufferer that stood on the streets of London in her underwear and encouraged strangers to draw hearts on her body in support of self-acceptance.

Amy wanted to know how that same sort of experiment would go if it was carried out by someone of a ‘different frame-size’ so to speak and from a different age group.  In her words: “How would it be received if the woman had been less socially acceptable in appearance, like, fat? And, say, a mom who’s nearly 40-years-old? And in a place that was more conservative and less progressive than London like, say, Boise, Idaho?

Image Courtesy Melanie Flitton Folwell: http://www.melaniefolwell.com/
Image Courtesy Melanie Flitton Folwell

So she went out to find out. “I decided to wear a black bikini instead of a bra and undies (conservative Boise) and changed the text on my sign to read something a little different and pertinent to me. I decided to tell no one except the Rad Fat Collective that this was happening, as the idea of leaving the experience organic and up to chance, rather than fill the audience with known body positive activists and friends, was more appealing.”

She adds, “You can see the  cellulite (on strong legs that have carried me for four decades), a wonky bikini top with sagging breasts (that nourished three babies), stretch marks (that represent my transition from a chubby adolescent to a curvy teenager to a woman who’s been pregnant four times)” She concludes, “The most important things about this performance, though, are the ones you can’t see. The personal stories of struggle. The dad who stood in front of me with his two young sons and knelt down to tell them “this is what a beautiful woman looks like. “”

You can read her entire story here, sourced directly from her blog.

Here is the short video of  the performance.