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Meet the Koi Boys whose voices stole the Internet in 2016

Image Coutesy: Facebook/TheKoiBoys
The Koi Boys
Image Courtesy: Facebook/TheKoiBoys

The Koi Boys is the band name of trio members Nuz Ngatai, Kevin Keepa and Danny Faifai who take inspiration from the likes of The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Presley.

Originally from New Zealand, the group lives in Queensland, Australia, and has been performing for over 10 years. They got their band name from their long residency at Koi in Broadbeach, where they performed at the Koi Dining & Lounge Bar for almost a decade.

The Koi Boys first gained Internet fame when they participated in The Voice Australia in 2016, where they sang live for an estimated audience of more than 1 million viewers. It was during that show that their amazing voices and captivating performances caught the attention of thousands of fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, they didn’t go far after their mentor Jessie J picked Jack Pellow and Mikaela Dean over them in the later rounds, a move which angered a lot of fans who went on to social media to criticize Jessie J for dumping the Koi Boys, calling it unfair.

In spite of that, though, the Koi Boys remained humble and kept on working hard to build a name for themselves.

They have two notable songs among others that they recorded in a studio owned by Florea Productions Inc. These two songs in particular went viral on the Internet in 2016 and were an instant hit with a lot of social media users because of the B-boy style and the jazzy, Sinatra-like vibes spin that the Koi Boys put on the songs.

One of them is Meghan Trainor’s Cover Song ‘All About That Bass’, which you really should listen to if you love jazz-like music.

The other one is a cover song of the 1954 hit ‘Sh-Boom’ by The Chords, which also happened to be their first rendition in The Voice AU that won them a spot to the next round, which at the time I was fortunate enough to get permission from the official recording studio to post to my Facebook page.

They also managed to record a couple solo songs at Florea Productions Inc., both of which are worth listening to below:

Spawnbreezie’s ‘Don’t Let Go’, performed by Nuz Ngatai

Frank Sinatra’s ‘Just The Way You Look Tonight’, performed by Kevin Keepa

Since then, their Facebook page has amassed over 80,000 fans, and they continue to grow. (Feel free to check them out and let em know that you discovered them via Enchanting Minds. 😛 )

Also, they have just recently released a new album called ‘Meant to Be Out’ which is worth checking out on their official website.

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