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Meet The Man Who Holds His Breath for 22 Minutes

He defies the laws of biology and performs a superhuman display by holding his breath for an unbelievable twenty-two minutes. That’s right! Meet Stig Severinsen, a four-time World Champion freediver and holder of several Guiness World Records titles who is nicknamed The man who doesn’t breathe. He also holds a Masters Degree in biology and Ph.D. in medicine.

Stig was born in Aalborg, Denmark in 1973. He began swimming at the age of six. At the age of nine, he was good enough to be crowned national champion of swimming for the next four consecutive years. Combining yoga and his knowledge of physiology in freediving, Stig learnt to control his lungs using a technique known as pre-oxygenated static apnea which is used to control the flow of oxygen while eliminating all other gases from the lungs.

When not in the water, Stig uses his medical background to help other people with lung diseases. From asthma to breathing rehabilitation to calming the nervous system, Stig explains the art of conscious breathing and shares a wealth of info on his site at  http://www.breatheology.com

Written by Ali B. Moe