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Man Throws Bricks At Dogs and Then Karma Strikes

ATTENTION: This is an age-restricted video.

I have no idea what exactly is the story behind this clip that was caught on camera, nor have any clue as to where it occurred.

What caught my eye, however, was the behavior of the dogs. For some reason, the quote “Even the nicest people have their limits” came to mind. It’s like… even animals have a threshold when it comes to tolerating bullshit, a line that would be wise not to cross. Why didn’t they attack the first time? Or the second time? Could animals really be not that much different from us after all, and that they do have something similar to what we understand as “ego” in the figurative sense of pushing one’s buttons too much? What kind of wavelength were the dogs on when they finally decided “enough is enough?”

This guy should consider himself lucky that neither of the dogs decided to go for his neck. Lesson to be learned: never mess with Shepherds.