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Every Day is Valentine’s Day

When you truly are in love with someone, every day is Valentine’s Day. Every hour, every minute, every second, because you know that love is the ultimate thing in life, so you seize every moment you can to cherish that person’s presence in your life.

You really don’t need commercial holidays to indoctrinate you into thinking that love is expressed by purchasing a Hallmark card to let your significant other know that they mean the world to you, or that it’s only through gifts one should express how grateful they are for having someone in their life—as their soulmate, their best friend, their world and everything else all molded into one.

Life’s too short and unpredictable to be caught up with social constructs. If you’re lucky enough to have someone in your personal life, tell them you love them every day, not just on 14th February.

And you do so because you know that some moments just cannot be postponed for tomorrow since tomorrow is granted to no one. You cease the moment, make the best of it, and hope it lasts forever.

Additionally, you do that in a variety of ways: buying them chocolate. Or painting a picture of them. Or knitting them a sweater. Or telling them a silly joke just to make them laugh. Or composing them a song. Or holding their hands and simply going for a walk. Or playing with their hair until they fall asleep. Or asking them if they have eaten. Or telling them to put their seat belt on.

You do that in a million different ways.

And you do that every day. Whenever you can. For the rest of your life.

So why do people wait until 14th February to tell their loved ones that they really, really love them? Simple: commercialism has brainwashed us to such a degree that jumping on the “oh-everyone’s-doing-it-let-me-do-it-too” bandwagon has become the norm.

In a world where your own death is now commercialized, it should be of no surprise to learn that corporations and mainstream media generate gargantuan revenues annually by milking it down the mind of the masses that Valentine’s Day is THE day to express to the one you love how much you do: from cards to teddy bears to heart-shaped chocolates, the list is endless. Billions of dollars are turned over in profits.

And people happily buy into the hype. After all, nothing sells like love. Everyone wants to make someone else feel a little special. Except, the thing that stomps me about it all is the fact that people do not realize that they do NOT need a commercial holiday to express their love and make someone feel special; they can do that on any of the other 364 days.

In fact, nothing spells “special” like surprising AND spoiling someone when they’re least expecting it: on a day when there’s no reason or occasion to be romantic, for example.

“What’s the occasion for these roses, Honey?”

“No reason, babe. I just want you to know you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

How sweet is that compared to “Honey, this is what I got you. Happy Valentine’s. I love you” when millions and millions of other people are saying the same exact thing on this same exact day?

Be creative. Be unique. Express your love every day, the way you see fit. You do not need a commercial holiday for that.