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Eduardo Serio: The REAL Lion Trophy Hunter

Eddie Serio has a deep passion to hunt for wild cats. His trophy isn’t something he mounts on walls, though. His trophy is the deep satisfaction of spreading compassion, love and awareness. For Eddie, accomplishing those is his ultimate trophy, a reward he finds satisfying and something he has dedicated his life to.

He is founder of the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation, a sanctuary that preserves wild cats by rescuing them from zoos, circuses, illegal breeders and even from people who adopt them as pets. Besides it being something that Eddie is extremely passionate and emphatic about, he also does it because, in his words, “I want the message to reach people around the world that animals aren’t possessions. You must not say, ‘I want that tiger, how much for it?.’ They are not cars, houses, or clothes. They are not materialistic things. They are living creatures like you, your mom, your son, your wife, etc.,  and they must not be put on the same par with money, avarice or power. And if we do not stand up for them, take care of and save them, who will? Our kids? By the time they have grown up, there will be no more lions and tigers left or animals running free. We have destroyed this planet and we must repair it.”

For Eddie, it all began a while back when his cousin who had a panther cub wanted to sell it to a pet store. He asked Eddie to accompany him on the business trip. The store owner informed them that the panther cub would be used to generate income by letting people pose with it for a picture.  Eddie and his cousin disagreed and returned, taking the cub back with them. Eddie spent hours begging his cousin to give him the cub to take care of it. In the end, his cousin agreed and gave Eddie the baby panther. And that’s how his love story with the cats and to rescue thousands and thousands of animals all began.

Eddie hopes that by being an ambassador for the cats more and more people would be inspired to treat the beautiful animals with the love and compassion and be the voice they deserve. His vision is to encourage people to become a voice for the animals, for he believes their rights are being taken away and they on their own cannot voice a complain. He currently runs several stages of recovery for the animals, and has dedicated over a 3,000 acres ranch which would be their final habitat.

According to him, the animals cannot be returned to the wild because: a) they were not born in their natural habitat, b) their natural habitat is decreasing daily due to deforestation, and c) he doesn’t want “stupid people” out there hunting and killing them and selling their parts for medicinal purposes or otherwise.

Here are some very short less-than-a-minute videos showing you Eddie’s love and interaction with the cats, with the last one below being his own story.

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To learn more about Eddie and his projects, you can visit his site here.

This article was written by Ali B. Moe, founder of EnchantingMinds.