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Man Has Been Saving Pennies in Water Jugs Since The 70s And He’s Ready To Cash Out Now

Otha Anders has been collecting pennies since the late 60s, early 70s. He has filled over 15 water jugs with them and is now ready to cash out finally.

As the man whose voice sounds so convincingly like Morgan Freeman explains, each time he found a penny on the ground he would offer a prayer of thanks. His kids knew of what he was doing, so they tried to help him by bringing him any penny they found but he would refuse to take them because he wanted the satisfaction of having saved all the pennies alone by himself. He even refused to yield in to the temptation of making some extra money back during the time when the government was actually paying $25 extra to anyone who turned in $100 worth of pennies.

And I thought having saved some nickels for 2 years was such a big deal. Hah!

The Paris Attack Tweet That’s Causing a Stir

On 11th November 2015, two days prior to the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, a Tweet was made reporting the incident. And the fact that on Twitter you cannot edit a post like you do on Facebook,  so as to say that it was just a random post that was later edited to reflect events, has gotten people all hyped up and drawing all sorts of conclusions. In fact,  the conspiracies have already started to pile up.

The image isn’t Photoshopped. Here’s the direct link if you want to see it yourself.

Reality is, this is a random bot. I know, I know. I can’t believe it myself when I think in terms of statistics and probabilities for that particular Tweet to have come up, but when you consider the fact that this bot posts random crap every minute, and you think of “the monkey typewriter theorem” (which states that if a certain number of monkeys were given typewriters and a really long time, they could write the complete works of Shakespeare, a similar idea found within the value for pi), you’d see how that’s probable. The feed’s tactic of posting unrelated headlines just makes it a pretty, spooky coincidence, for it made previous claims in the past with similar headlines and numbers:

Death toll in Ebola outbreak rises to at least 120 with 270 others injured (link to Tweet)

Death toll from Nigerian mosque attack rises to at least 120 with 270 others injured (link to Tweet)

Don’t fall for it… there’s already too much confusion in this world to add more. It’s nothing but another of those very weird life coincidences.

Written by Ali B. Moe

Toppling 22,000 Dominoes in 100 Seconds as Tribute

Known as Hevesh5 on YouTube, a professional domino artist decides to pay tribute to his subscribers by setting up 22,000 dominoes in his living room and toppling them in 100 seconds and recording it on video. The setup took him 25+ hours to build (spread over 5 days).

Now that is one patient man. I just will not like to be in his shoes when it’s cleaning-up time! 🙂 On a different note, I wonder what surprise Havesh5 has up his sleeve when his fanbase reaches 1 million subscribers…