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Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Every Day is Valentine's Day

When you truly are in love with someone, every day is Valentine’s Day. Every hour, every minute, every second becomes a moment you seize to cherish their presence in your life.  In fact, when you TRULY love someone, they become the sole purpose of your entire existence—the window from which …

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6 Mental Traps That Ruin Our Lives

Mental traps

You’re hopeless, useless, burdensome.  Nothing will ever go well, everyone is always better than you, you’ll never be perfect.  You want to be liked, but you’re unlovable, and a failure at life.  Sound familiar? To the majority of people this language does.  Mental traps serve as the rusty cogs that …

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9 Signs You’re An Old Soul

1#   You tend to be a solitary loner. Because old souls are not interested in the pursuits and interests of the people in their age groups, they find it dissatisfying to make friends with people they find it hard to relate to.  This is one of the major problems …

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10 Lies We Tell Ourselves

1. My past will always haunt me. Correction: your past can haunt you if you let it. But no, you’re not doomed to spend the rest of your life desperately seeking love from anyone who will show it to you because of a parent who never did. The very thing you’re doing at this moment – …

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