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Lords of Gravity

The Most Badass Basketball Stunts I Have Ever Seen

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…the Lords of Gravity, the energetic, high-flying, pretty-insane freestyle slam-dunk team from Hungary who have taken basketball to the next extreme level by not letting a little thing like gravity get in their way. Although they are more of professional gymnasts and acrobats than basketball players, some people even went as far as to to dub them ‘The Next Basketball Kings.”

Whether you are a kid, an adult, a sports-fanatic or simply a pedestrian passing by, you simply cannot but appreciate their talent. Their performance will wow you because it is nothing short of beautiful, crazy, amazing, shocking all packaged in the finest display of art, coordination and talent.

With the help of trampolines, they perform all sorts of crazy acrobatic moves that you can think of! From juggling to back-flips to 360-degree turns, they definitely will catch your attention if you happened to be passing by while they perform. 

Enjoy watching and do not forget to share if you have kids that love basketball.