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American Soldier’s Facebook Post is Going Viral About His Treatment in Iraq by Muslims

Matt Cousins is an American soldier, a non-Muslim American soldier to be precise, and this is what he had to say about current headlines making rounds around the world in regards to Muslims:

These are my Muslim friends I met in Iraq. They always treated me with love (and still do). They did not try to convert me to Islam and they did not hate me for not converting. They never tried to kill me because I am American. They invited me to dinner and gave me gifts (that included a Quran). I say this to hopefully stop some stereotypes. It’s like saying all Police Officers are corrupt, all Priests are child molesters, and all Teachers sleep with their students. Get to know the person!!! Rant is over, carry on.

matt cousins

Matt made this post on his personal wall, not a page. It was, as he puts it, a “rant” to his friends. It was made on 10th December, and as of this writing, his post has been shared over by the thousands. In fact, wait, don’t take my word for it. Why don’t you check it out yourself? Here is the direct link to his Facebook post.

And while you’re at it, why don’t you go into his profile. Does he look like a fake account? Someone with an agenda? No. I think I can tell you who he is without even knowing him: He’s a real American. Note I didn’t say a Republican or a Democrat? Yup. That’s because true Americans do not come with “labels”. True Americans know that both parties have their shortcomings and that at the end of the day, we’re all being played for fools. True Americans know that just about every side has blood on their hands and that there’s good and bad people from all walks of life. Plus, this article isn’t meant to carry a ‘political’ tone; it is about humanity… Salt of the Earth People, people who do their part in trying to make this world just a little bit better, regardless of their faith, beliefs, ideologies or political inclinations, so let’s focus on that instead of trying to dissect what political side Matt Cousins is from.

Someone like Matt Cousins is a real American Patriot and a hero. Not because he’s defending Islam in this post, no; nor is he a hero because his post is posing the basic argument using logic that if you judge an entire group of people based on the acts of individuals, you might as well use that same philosophy for all other groups as otherwise you’d be contradicting yourself and cherry-picking, no; Matt Cousins is simply a hero because he’s trying to stop hatred from spilling over in a world that’s already too dark; he’s spreading love instead of hate; he’s spreading knowledge instead of blind ignorance; he’s using common sense instead of being a conformist whose brain has been fed so much crap by mainstream media with one-sided agendas. He is a hero because his Americanism shines forth without any bias or prejudice or finger-pointing.

As a human being and regardless of whether I’m an Atheist or not, whether I’m a Christian or not, whether I’m a Jew or not, whether I’m a Muslim or not, whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican, people like Matt Cousins demand out of me the utmost admiration and respect, because anyone who spreads love instead of hate is a winner; anyone who tries to be ‘neutral’ and not take sides is a winner; anyone who tries to make peace instead of promote war is a winner; anyone who resorts to common-sense and logic to add 1 and 1 together and think for themselves instead of being told what to think is a winner.

So in terms of common sense, who would you rather believe… someone who has had ‘hands-on’ experience with Muslims in a region that’s supposedly hostile and full of Islamic terrorists, or some ‘reporter’ on mainstream TV sitting behind a desk in North America?

Let that sink in, and let his message sink in.