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About Us

Enchanting Minds is a personal blog founded with the vision of bringing you what really matters in terms of nourishing one’s mind. Whether it is a piece of quote,  an article about health, a documentary video on consciousness and spirituality, or simply a really funny viral video that we think deserves a moment of hearty laughter, we strife to provide only the best from each niche.

Our content aims to propel personal reflections on various aspects of life – from humor to enlightenment, from technology to politics, from photography that inspires to scientific breakthroughs,  and so on; all have one thing in common: the aim to enlighten the mind and cause it to wander off.

The Internet is an infinite ocean of information. However, just as with everything in life, it is made up of quality and junk stuff equally. The key is to know where to look, what to look for, and to have the patience to filter out the worthy from the unworthy so-to-speak, all of which requires time. So our aim is to save you that time and do the sifting for you—thus bringing you only the “what matters” from each category.

Our objective is to provide you with a pleasant experience that will enrich your life in some positive way, bringing you inspiration and encouragement that will ignite something within you that may change your life in a positive direction.

You can subscribe to our emailing list (Newsletter) if you would like to receive updates on new articles or quotations posts. We do not spam nor send out unsolicited mails. In fact, we are very strict on our mailing policy that we enabled a double-opt it just as confirmation to ensure the person joining our mailing list is really interested in doing so to receive our content.  We do not distribute your email to anyone, nor use it for any form of advertisement.