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A Real Fist Fight Broke Out Between Monkey And Man

This one-minute footage has got everyone talking. Some people are yelling animal abuse, while others are saying it’s a case of self-defense.

According to some sources online, the video was shot in Thailand on the 1st of December.

From what I gather, the monkey got on someone’s new bike. The owner, whose friend was recording the incident and laughing uncontrollably as he found it funny, was yelling at the monkey to get off.

The monkey wouldn’t bulge and even went on to urinate on the bike.

Frustrated, the bike owner throws a shoe at the monkey in hopes that would get it off. Next thing we see, hell broke loose as the monkey charges madly at the owner where a fist fight broke out between them.

At this point, many people say the guy abused the animal. Others, though, defend his actions saying that it was more a case of self-defense for a monkey’s bite could cause rabies, not to mention that it could be fatal at times if it occurred around the neck area for example, and so they insist the guy was merely fending off the attack which was initiated by the monkey in the first place. And then somewhere in the middle, there’s a third group of people who just find the whole thing so hilarious that it’s going viral due to them sharing it and tagging their friends with witty lines such as: ‘This is what happens when you get caught monkeying around.”

Watch the video here for yourself and let us know what you think.