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A Fallen Hero’s Split-second Decision Saves Hundreds of Lives in Another ISIS Terrorist Attack

Meet Adel Termos.

On 12th November, 2015, a day before the terrorist attack on Paris, Adel Termos was out with his young daughter in the Bourj al Barajneh neighborhood in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It is predominantly a Muslim neighborhood.  It was just another busy day for him when a bomb went off, resulting in what would later be confirmed as a suicide bombing, killing 43 people and injuring 239 others, many of them seriously enough to sustain long-term damages.

With the smell of burning flesh in the air and people screaming amid total pandemonium as a result of the rocking explosion, Adel noticed a 2nd suicide bomber trying to set himself up to detonate his vest just a few yards away. In a dramatic dash, he let go of his daughter and immediately ran towards the guy to tackle him. As Adel shoved him down to the ground using his full body weight, the vest went off, resulting in a 2nd explosion.  Both Adel and the suicide bomber were instantly killed.

However, as a result of his split-second act, he managed to save the lives of hundreds of people, mostly the ones who were injured from the first explosion. In the words of physician Elie Fares, “many families, hundreds of families probably, owe their completeness to selfless sacrifice of this man.”


Initial reports said both he and his daughter died. But as this latest image shows, his daughter was fortunately spared and she is still alive and doing well.

Both blasts were strong enough to devastate a huge commercial strip of southern Beirut.


But the questions that remain: who’s responsible for killing her father, and why? Who will ever take away that sadness from her eyes and restore her faith in humanity?

Among the casualties were the parents of two-years-old Haidar (pictured below) who was badly hurt but managed to survive. When doctors were working on him, he told them that his parents were trapped in a car that was on fire and he wants Spiderman to go help them. Who will ever be able to find the right words to tell this child that he is now an orphan?


ISIS claimed responsibility of the twin suicide bombings on the same day.

While no tragedy is lesser or greater in importance to another tragedy, as all lives are equally important, and we all bleed red, one can understand why there’s somewhat of a rage on Social Media by some people who feel that Western mainstream media has been ignoring stories of similar pain and lives lost and blood spilled elsewhere while focusing only on the Paris attacks when both incidents were just a day apart.

To a degree, the frustration is understandable. But people also need to understand that just because mainstream media did not report about them, it does not mean their lives aren’t important or that people in general aren’t sympathizing. Common sense dictates that  Western media are more likely to focus on the happenings in Western countries than they would elsewhere. People in France do not experience these kind of things every day, while Middle-Eastern countries do, so perhaps that’s why such incidents do not make front pages at times.

Yet, in spite of all that, does that mean people do not sympathize? Not at all. Believe me, friends… people come together—and by that I mean ALL kinds of people: Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists. Yes, I am aware of extremists and, to a lesser degree, idiots and trolls from all sides, but believe me, folks, people in general are compassionate and in such times of tragedy, they all feel and share the pain. Their only fault is sometimes they are not in the know.

And that is why sometimes non-professional media pages like us post these “alternative news” pieces… so that people will be informed. As a page that deals primarily with quotations and general literature, I would write about such things to bring to light to people what’s happening around the world if it’s to promote love, peace, awareness, understanding, compassion and spread positivity in the name of humanity.

And this is just one out of many stories that Western mainstream media did not cover, or did not cover as they should have. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that people will start waking up, and realize that pointing fingers, pinning blame, insulting each other do us no good other than hurt us collectively and make our world darker than it already is.

These ISIS scums cannot be true Muslims when they kill Muslims (as this very story itself shows, which is just one out of many, many untold ones.) Please stop buying into lies, political hype and listening to people with agendas to promote hatred and wars. The fact alone that they kill more Muslims than any other group nullifies that rhetoric that Muslims are terrorists. These people are simply barbaric, monsters, evil and they have no place in humanity, just like Hitler cannot be a true Christian, just as Stalin cannot represent all Atheists.

And if we do not come together as one, regardless of our beliefs and put aside our egos, we’ll just be letting them win. The only way to defeat these scums is to unite, through understanding, compassion, respect and talk to each other instead of at each other in spite of our differences. We do not have to agree with each other to like and respect one another. The amount of hatred that’s being spread on Social Media is just scary.

These incidents aren’t just limited to France and Lebanon. They are only the latest in a wave of terrorism that has been sweeping the globe lately, and if we do not wake up soon and start uniting in its ugly face, I truly am scared to think of what the distant future will look like. Kenya and Iraq also witnessed same incidents in the past few days.

If this story resonates with you, kindly share to spread the awareness.

Written by Ali B. Moe